Spending too much time on HR?

Spend it in your business! HR Bit is a hire-to-retire remote team support to got your HR tasks fully covered.

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You team performance can be better!

We can fix your remote team communication issues, you don't have to spend time for that. Take care of your business. Let us take care of your people.

We know what challenges you face because we started our own small business from the ground up and successfully run it. Our HR outsourcing team of talented specialists has been engaged in building and managing distributed teams for more than 15 years already.

How much time you do you spend for work that is not yours? What would you rather do instead of it? It's time to incorporate HR partner as a strategic part of your operations and growth plan. Elevate your human capital and make it work for the success of your company.

Shifted to remote employment?

Let us focus on the HR activities while you focus on growth.

Our HR specialists are experienced in managing remote employees, HR benefits and HR outsourcing. We've been doing it for years. Elevate your human capital and make it work for the success of your company. Our top HR consultants will reengineer and strengthen HR support services, incorporate tools, handle remote employment, and provide other HR outsourcing services.

With a team of HR outsourcing professionals on your side, you’ll have access to our expertise and insights, as well as get all the answers you need. They ensure the efficiency of HR management consulting and help in managing remote workers.

employees won't tell CEO they have problems
business growth after hiring an HR
more time you can spend on strategic tasks
companies benefit from implemented HR processes
your benefts


Hire from anywhere

We solve management issues related to hiring in different countries.

Solve work-from-home struggles

We take care of your remote employees. Our human resource outsourcing company will suit startups and SMBs perfectly.

Improve supervision and performance

We empower startups, small and medium-sized businesses to deliver comprehensive HR to employees without the overhead and expense.

Spend less time on HR, use this time to focus on what is driving your business to reach the next level of success. HR Bit delivers a custom experience that is focused on your unique organizational and operational needs.


We focus on providing top-level HR support that offers in-depth, unique expertise in different areas.

HR Partner Support for Your Business and Peace of Mind

Our HR specialist will seamlessly incorporate into your company and handle all processes: starting from HR branding, HR benefits and compliance to onboarding and setting exit interview questionnaires.
Headache-free employment and payroll Full-stack HR support Talent recruiting
Hire HR Partner Committed to Your Growth

We are on a mission to make your life free from HR-related hassles

  • You team is growing and HR is taking too much time now?
  • Can’t focus on the business processes because of remote team management and HR tasks?
  • You have decided to hire freelancers but wonder how to unite them into a team?
  • Your team has communication issues and you have to solve that instead of your business tasks?
HR Bit utilizes the best HR management services, practices, experience, and expertise to improve 
efficiency and give you the opportunity to focus on the business itself. We will take care of risk management, benefits optimization, performance management, and process automation. The main goal of our HR consulting firm is to provide a comprehensive HR solution that will help your business.

HR Expertise

The pandemic brings a greater push and urgency for organizations and teams to digitize their management processes. HR support services have become even more valuable partners to the business that shifted to remote. Benefit and improve your ability to cope with challenging workplace problems when we commit to improving your HR processes.

  • talent management and retention
  • strategic HR
  • process automation
  • performance management

HR Management

Our human resources outsourcing company handles all employment-related processes. So, you can focus on the business instead of bureaucracy. With our top HR consulting firm, you get through each stage and can make changes whenever necessary. We got your back regardless of where your employees are located. 

  • screening and arrangement of candidates by HR
  • attendance management
  • signing and storing contracts


We provide an HR recruiting coordinator to help you deal with reviewing hundreds of CVs and choose the most suitable candidates. We take care of all HR recruiting services: look through all the applicants, handle the interviews, and create reviews with detailed comments to help you in conducting the final interview. Maximize the results of the human resource recruiting process and build strong teams with us.

  • designing recruiting strategy
  • sourcing and attracting candidates
  • conducting interviews
  • filtering candidates
Hire Us as Your HR Partner

Access a full range of HR services

Our job is to create a space for community engagement on issues related to work and HR outsourcing. We develop thoughtful engagement in order to foster a flexible team, full of different views but with a common goal — your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for some information, especially regarding outsourcing HR functions but can’t find it here, please contact us.

What's the price?

It is calculated depending on the number of people in your team and your package’s filling.

Why do I need HR if I can handle tasks myself?

Employment, recruiting, HR support, and remote teams management take more time and resources than in-house. And we have a solution — HR support that will reduce your headaches. With our human resource consulting company, you will have enough time to focus on your business and achieve more goals. 

Can I hire HR specialists on an as-need-basis?

Yes, there are different packages that allow you to choose the finest option that will suit your company’s needs best.

When is the right time for me to consider cooperating with a team of HR specialists?

Consider contacting HR specialists when your business starts growing, when you don’t have enough time for managing a remote team, or when business roles become specialized.

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