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Spending too much time on IT recruiting? Give it to HR Bit, the best European recruitment agency. We provide IT recruitment and remote recruiting services.

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Need tech talent? We will find him for you!

Our IT recruiting company can easily provide you with the best tech talent leaning on our long-term experience in IT recruitment. We are looking for specialists you need from every bit of Europe including countries in the Caucasus Region like Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Let your IT recruitment agency take care of all recruiting processes.

How much time do you spend on work that is not yours? What would you rather do instead of it?
Thanks to our great experience in this industry we know all the pitfalls of how IT recruiting works in the European sector. That's why we find people who work for the success of your company.

Need tech talent? We will find him for you!
Need skilled IT specialists?

Let us focus on IT recruitment while you focus on growth.

We can do IT recruitment for you. HR Bit searchs for professionals in all Europe and Caucasus Region.

What is remote recruiting? It works like clasic recruiting, but all positions are remote instead of office-based. Remote recruiting doesn't limit you with the location of your perfect candidates.

We can make a high-quality talent mapping to provide you with useful information about market peculiarities, salary surveys, trends, and the amount of certain specialists, etc., of any country worldwide.

If you need a piece of advice on the IT recruitment process, we are here for you. It will help you understand more about how the IT market works and what benefits and challenges you might face.

IT Recruitment - Finding specific experts for your in-house team who will be based and work in your office in the location you are situated.
Remote Recruiting - Filling any skill gap in your company with the best candidate, who will work on your project from anywhere in the world.
Talent Mapping - If you need help with analyzing market and salary surveys - we can definitely help.
Recruitment Consulting - If you need a piece of advice on the IT recruitment process, we are here for you.
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Best European Recruitment

Get the best talent from the greatest IT destinations from all of Europe and Central Asia like Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. We also provide talent mapping research from any country worldwide.

Fast Recruitment

On average it takes around 4-6 weeks to find the best specialist to fill the position in your company. The time of recruiting can range based on the position that needs to be filled.

Improving IT Recruiting Process

Our long-term experience in IT recruitment allows us to understand clearly how the European market works and the best way to search for employees.

Spend less time searching for the employees and give to HR Bit. With us you can focus on what is driving your business to reach the next level of success. HR Bit delivers a custom experience that is focused on your unique organizational and operational needs.


We focus on providing top-level IT recruitment, remote recruiting, talent mapping and recruitment consulting services.

IT recruitment agency for your business and piece of mind

Our IT recruiting company focuses on providing high-quality services for our clients with fast and smooth IT recruitment processes. What a challenge for you - not a problem for us!
Headache-Free IT Recruitment for Office Positions In-depth Market Research Risk-free Remote Recruiting
Hire IT Recruitment Agency Committed to Your Growth

We are on a mission to make your life free from IT recruiting-related hassles

  • Your business is rapidly growing and you need a fast recruiting of new specialists?
  • You would like to try remote recruiting but have no idea how foreign market works?
  • You don’t know where the best places to recruit  IT experts are? 
  • Do you need fast advice and an experienced recruiter to solve recruitment issues for your projects?
HR Bit always does careful research about the IT market to give you only actual information about salaries, rates and time of recruiting for each position you need to cover. Based on your budget and needs, we analyze each country and looking for the perfect match for you.

Our IT Recruitment Process

European recruitment has become a worldwide trend for its cost-efficiency, transparency, easy-scaling and many more other benefits. HR Bit provides you with professionals with certain experience and level of skills to bring the best for your business. With us, you don’t worry about recruitment hassles.
Our recruitment process:

  • Identifying requirements and learning more about your project 
  • Signing all documents and get to work
  • Talent mapping and searching for specialists 
  • Presenting best candidates

IT Recruitment

Our IT recruitment agency makes sure to provide you with the best candidates and minimize any organization hassle for you. We handle all research, analyzing and recruitment issues for you. 

  • Learning requirements
  • Searching for specialist in your location 
  • Presenting best candidates 

Remote Recruiting

We can easily recruit remote workers to fill any position in your project. You are not limited with the location which significantly increases chances to find the best person who suits all your requirements. 

  • Learning your requirements 
  • Talent mapping and agreement on recruiting locations 
  • Searching for remote specialists
  • Presenting best candidates 
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Access a Full Range of IT Recruiting Services

Stressing about recruitment and don't know how it all works? Forget about it with HR Bit. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience. Become a partner with the greatest European recruitment agency. It is easy to start cooperation with us. Message us about your requirements and needs, we schedule the call and give you all the information about processes, time, costs, payments, etc. You sign a contract and we are ready to start!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for some information, especially regarding IT recruitment but can’t find it here, please contact us.

What's the price of IT recruitment services?

It is calculated depending on service, the number of people you need, location, etc.

Why do I need IT recruitment agency?

We have a great experience in IT recruiting, have perfect knowledge of European IT market. HR Bit will simplify your recruitment and gift a smooth, risk-free process.

What services do you provide?

IT Recruiting, Remote Recruiting, Talent Mapping and Recruitment Consulting.

Where you can find candidates for our team?

We can search for IT specialists in all European countries and in Caucasus Region (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia). Moreover, we can make talent mapping for any location worldwide.

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