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IT Recruitment Challenges in 2023

Due to the growing demand for IT professionals, it's increasingly becoming hard for tech companies to find talents. Apart from the shortage of talented IT professionals, tech companies are also facing ...

Current Challenge of Tech Talent Shortage

Nowadays, the tech talent shortage is a chronic challenge to the world. As demand for employees escalates, the labor cost is partly due to the comprehensive training for new software developers and en ...

What is Tech Recruiting? Quick Overview by HR Bit

As you know, successful recruitment requires specific skills, time, and knowledge. And tech recruiting is a part of the extensive process of getting IT specialists. So what is IT recruitment, and who ...

IT Recruitment in Poland Provides You With Considerable Experts

Everyone knows Poland as a beautiful country with a great history and famous destination for traveling. But did you know that Poland is one of the fast-growing tech hubs in Europe? ...

What is the True Cost of Firing an Employee?

Firing employees is a process that can become crippling for startups and SMBs. It’s usually costly, time-consuming, and requires additional efforts and resources from the business owners. Be ...

Guide to Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

We recommend you look at recruiting with Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model, where you decide how much time the recruiter works for you. It can be even a few hours a day. ...