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IT Recruitment in Poland Provides You With Considerable Experts

Everyone knows Poland as a beautiful country with a great history and famous destination for traveling. But did you know that Poland is one of the fast-growing tech hubs in Europe? ...

What is the True Cost of Firing an Employee?

Firing employees is a process that can become crippling for startups and SMBs. It’s usually costly, time-consuming, and requires additional efforts and resources from the business owners. Be ...

Guide to Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

We recommend you look at recruiting with Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model, where you decide how much time the recruiter works for you. It can be even a few hours a day. ...

Try IT Recruiting Bulgaria to Get a Great Team

Bulgaria is a new tech hub that is definitely worth your attention. Financial attractiveness, business environment, people skills, and digital resonance make this country a great place to invest and r ...

What is Remote Recruitment and Why Does Your Company Need It?

Thinking about recruiting remote workers? Find out the best practices and tips and know more about how to recruit remotely and grow your business. ...