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Try IT Recruiting Bulgaria to Get a Great Team

Bulgaria is a new tech hub that is definitely worth your attention. Financial attractiveness, business environment, people skills, and digital resonance make this country a great place to invest and r ...

What is Remote Recruitment and Why Does Your Company Need It?

Thinking about recruiting remote workers? Find out the best practices and tips and know more about how to recruit remotely and grow your business. ...

How to Resolve Conflicts between Employees while Working Remotely?

We'll outline some of the most common causes for conflict in a remote work scenario, as well as how these conflicts may be sorted out. ...

In-House vs Outsourcing HR: Choosing The Right Option for Your Company

In this article, HR Bit addresses the concerns about deciding between in-house HR vs outsourcing to help you choose the option that will make your business grow. ...

Top 13 Questions for Newly-Minted CEOs about Remote Team Management

HR Bit is here to give you examples of questions that every CEO of a startup should ask themselves to understand if they need help from an HR specialist.  ...