Attracting vetted specialists and making sure they align with the company’s business goals is another feather in any recruiter’s cap. These specialists go to great lengths to find suitable candidates and combine various recruitment strategies to achieve this goal. 

However, there are millions of unfilled positions and not enough interest among the applicants. And that’s when creative recruitment comes into play. 

That’s a new approach to finding, attracting, and hiring new job candidates based on using unconventional means. Writing a job description, posting it online, and interviewing the best applicants is good, but it doesn’t bring the desired results anymore. 

So, the companies decide to give unexpected communication methods a whirl. Usually, this decision fulfills the expectations, helping to attract the right talent. 

The elements of creative recruitment strategies help to ramp up your company image and represent its uniqueness, outshining the competitors. Also, creative recruitment is considered one of the projects handled by HR professionals. They organize processes and make everything more comprehensive.  

HR Bit is here to overview 10 creative remote recruitment strategies to inspire you to update your hiring process and achieve better results. 

5 Top Creative Recruitment Strategies

5 Best Creative Recruitment Strategies


1. Leverage Social Media

Recruiting through social media is a great way to hit the big time when looking for talented candidates. Of course, LinkedIn and Twitter are the most obvious platforms, but you can find perfect hires on Instagram, Pinterest, or Youtube as well. 

Don’t forget about creating a company profile on several social media platforms. 

For example, Instagram offers free promotions because your employees can share their experiences working at the company via posts and stories. If they mention the company’s account in their profile, the interested people will visit your account.

Targeted advertising also opens many doors because potential candidates could see info about the vacancies on their feed. 


2. Redesign Job Descriptions

The usual job descriptions don’t work anymore.

When reading the job description, the candidates want to see the company’s value proposition and feel like they have a personal interaction with the organization. Besides, they should include a strong call to action and let candidates know what to expect. 


3. Create a Recruitment Video

Organizations frequently put recruiting videos on their websites or LinkedIn profiles. You don’t have to spend a fortune on high-production film footage because you can use your smartphone.

These videos can feature any company member, from CEO or HR manager to developers and marketing specialists. It’s about sharing the tidbits about working at the company and inspiring the candidates to apply for the job.  


4. Boost Employee Referrals

A strong referral program can work like a charm. Employee referrals are the top source for quality hires because they usually perfectly fit the vacancy, have high retention, and perform their best. 

Companies often engage their employees to participate in referral programs by offering rewards for each candidate, depending on how many hiring stages one completes. A successful referral can save at least three full workdays for your hiring managers, so referral bonuses are worth it. 


5. Get Digital

Webinars, networking events, and other ways of communicating with potential employees are proven outreach channels. They help to source the best candidates and save considerable time and effort because the sourcing stage is eliminated. 


6. Seek out Former Applicants or Employees

If you have a project that might attract a former employee, don’t hesitate to make an offer to the ex-colleague. The advantage of hiring such employees is that they know your company culture, and you understand what to expect from them. 

Also, it’s common for companies to reach out to the candidates that received a “silver medal” during the hiring process. So, if your employee resigns, reach out to the second-best candidate. 


7. Recruit Students

Connecting with and recruiting university students is a quick way to grow your talent pool. You get access to talented candidates and offer them attractive career opportunities, tapping the yet unused potential. 


8. Don’t Forget About Your Career Page

Include photos of your team’s outings, get quotes from employees about their experience of working at the company, and list out the benefits you provide to each worker. 

The job descriptions should be specific and informative, answering the applicants’ questions about the position. To get more candidates, use SEO to ensure the vacancies rank well enough. 


9. Use Gamification

It is considered one of the out-of-the-box creative recruitment strategies that can easily illustrate job tasks and evaluate candidates’ performance. It helps to focus on candidates’ skills and screen the applicants faster and more fairly. 


10. Take Advantage of Search Engines 

You can use,, or Google for Jobs. These are reliable and convenient platforms that offer choosing from a large pool of candidates. This is one of the creative recruitment strategies that implies using tools that act as job boards. 


How Can HR Bit Help You with Remote Recruitment?

As you can see, if you aim to attract the best talent, you need to put considerable effort into the recruitment process.

We understand that not all businesses have enough time and resources to use creative recruitment strategies. A quick solution to the issue is to hire a remote tech recruiting company as a part of the human resource strategic plan

HR Bit is here to help your company grow, so don’t hesitate to contact us.