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You can book personal consultation about hiring developers, setting a team in Ukraine or IT relocation. Any questions about Ukrainian market are welcome!

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What's the price?

It is calculated depending on the number of people in your team and your package’s filling.

Why do I need HR if I can handle tasks myself?

Remote work is as effective as office-based, but to achieve that, you will need to put more effort. However, our HR support services will provide you the opportunity to devote your time to reaching goals and focusing on more crucial business processes.

Can I hire HR specialists on an as-need basis?

Yes, there are different packages that allow you to choose the finest option that will suit your company’s needs best.

When is the right time for me to consider cooperating with a team of HR specialists?

Consider contacting HR specialists when your business starts growing, when you don’t have enough time for managing a remote team, or when business roles become specialized.