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You can book personal consultation about IT recruiting, remote recruiting or talent mapping. Any questions about our working process are welcome!

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What's the price?

It is calculated depending on the service.

Why do I need IT recruiting agency?

IT recruiting agency knows the peculiarities of recruitment process in each market worldwide. Such an agency can help you to find quality in-house or remote IT specialists quickly in almost any country in the world. Also, IT recruitment company can give you advice where is the best place to hire IT professionals and provide you with talent mapping research.

What services does HR Bit provide?

We provide IT recruiting, remote recruiting, talent mapping and recruitment consulting services for our clients.

When is the right time for me to consider cooperating with IT recruitment company?

Consider contacting IT recruiting agency when your business starts growing and you need new specialists, when you don’t have enough time for recruiting on your own, or when you do not have enough experience in IT recruitment in foreign markets.

How does it work?

You can start the recruitment process by filling out a quick form on our website and scheduling the first call. Then, after discussing your needs, we sign a document and start the process of finding experts for you. After your task is ready and you are fully satisfied with that - you provide payment.

How to choose the best location for hiring?

The best location for hiring tech experts includes a few factors: time zone, number of IT specialists in the country, legal issues, tax level, level of education, and English proficiency.

How long the recruitment process should be?

Before providing you with a list of the best talents, we conduct a deep market analysis and organize the first interview. Overall, the process takes approximately 4 weeks.

How fast is it better to give feedback to a candidate?

The IT market is quite dynamic and craving new talents. IT specialists often look for new projects. It is crucial to be in touch with your vendor on an ongoing basis to boost the recruiting process. So as soon as we provide you with a list of candidates, ensure you give feedback ASAP. The best time to provide feedback is within a week or less. So your candidate won't wait for your answer for too long.