When your company is on the way to growth, you look at ways to extend teams quickly and cost-effectively. Then, you can face the challenge of which model of recruiting to choose. Usually, most companies follow two options: 


  • Extend In-House Recruiting Team

In this case, for all recruitment processes will be responsible your in-house recruiting team. However, having a recruiting team that works full time, especially in a small company or a startup – it is not a cost-efficient way. Even if you have only one HR specialist, recruiting isn’t fully his responsibility and can affect his productivity in a negative way.


  • Hire IT Recruitment Agency

You can delegate your recruitment task to a vendor, which helps you to find specialists remotely. Yes, the option sounds excellent as far as a vast talent pool is concerned. But, hiring a vendor can also be expensive. 

Which option is better? We recommend you look at Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) model, where you decide how much time the recruiter works for you. It can be even a few hours a day.


Recruitment as a Service Model

If you are looking for a cost-efficient way to get new talent and keep flexibility – try recruiting as a service. With this model, you can decide how much time per week you want to take advantage of the services of a recruiter. Once you decide on the number of hours you wish to avail of the services, your vendor will allocate a recruiter who will work on your project. 

The recruiter will then understand your hiring requirements, needs, tasks to perform, skills, and experience of the future employees. Accordingly, search for best matching candidates. The recruiter will also schedule first (screening) interviews. Every month, the agency will bill you based on the number of hours the recruiter spent on your project. So, recruitment as a service model works like a pay-as-you-go model per your needs. 


Benefits of Recruiting as a Service

  • Cost-Efficiency 

It is much cheaper to use recruitment as a service than extending the in-house team. Moreover, with RaaS, you can easily predict your budget as you will know your vendor’s fee and how long it takes to hire specialists. Therefore, as soon as your tasks are covered, you don’t need to pay more. 

  • Save Your Time

With recruiting as a service, you delegate your tasks to professionals who are experts in the tech market. For years, experienced vendors have built their skills, talent databases, and applicant tracking systems. As a result, they know precisely how to find the best employee fast and efficiently while your in-house team can focus on the core of the business.

  • Flexibility

While focusing on your company’s growth, the vendor is looking for IT experts. The experienced vendor has a fully integrated approach that combines technology, automation, data, and experts in technical recruiting to provide you with top tech talent when you need it most.


How to Build Recruitment as a Service Strategy?

  • Define Task to Delegate 

First, consider the tech task that should be covered. Depending on the amount of tech tasks, you can decide on how many specialists you should hire and what specific skills they should have. (Read more about IT recruiting tips here).

  • Choose the Location

Think about the preferable countries you would like to get specialists from (we can recommend paying attention to IT recruitment in Bulgaria and IT recruitment in Poland). For example, do you prefer a similar time zone for better communication or far away countries for a better price? Or, would it be better for you to hire specialists in your country to work in the office or remotely?

  • Set the Budget

Before using recruiting as a service, plan the budget you are willing to spend on IT specialists and the recruiter’s fee. With RaaS, it is flexible and convenient to plan how much work the recruiter does for you. 

  • Choose the vendor 

Research companies that provide recruitment as a service pay attention to their experience, fees, what countries they are hired in, how fast they can find specialists, clients’ reviews, etc. 


To Sum Up

Recruitment as a service model is an excellent fit for fast-growing companies which require new specialists. This model gives you freedom and flexibility on the decision of the recruiter’s working hours. This factor efficiently predicts the budget but still receives a highly-quality service. 

HR Bit is an IT recruitment agency with many years of experience in the industry. Using our deep expertise, we know how quickly to find the best tech experts and provide you with the best IT recruiting services.