When looking for new employees, we always consider a country with a developed IT industry, many software developers, and an innovative tech ecosystem. That’s why headhunting in Spain is an excellent idea for companies to find software engineers of any specialization quickly. There are a few reasons:

  • In the past ten years, Spain’s tech industry and the Internet of Things (IoT) have grown at one of the fastest rates in Europe. In the coming years, this market is expected to grow significantly.
  • The Spanish government published its Digital Strategy for 2025. Its objectives for the nation’s digital transformation include increased cybersecurity, improved connectivity, and the utilization of artificial intelligence.
  • Spain has been chosen by major multinational corporations like IBM, Microsoft, and HP to establish international research and development centers. In 2023, Google Cloud announced plans to develop a cloud region in Spain. 
  • This year, Amazon announced plans to construct data centers in Spain with an investment of $3 billion over ten years.
  • In Spain, there are more than 134,000 IT companies that employ almost  496,000 workers.


Headhunting Spain: What Specialists in Demand?

Spain has more than 305,500 IT specialists, and the demand for qualified tech workers is just increasing. For example, in Barcelona, the need for tech profiles has risen by almost 40% in one year, whereas the profiles available have grown by just 7.6%.

According to Xavier Ferràs – Executive Director, Custom Programs, ESADE Business & Law School, the most popular technologies in Spain are Big Data Analytics, App and Web-enabled Markets, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing. In addition, Digital Talent Report also says that the rise of new technologies will make it harder to find professionals like experts in data and scientific analysis, programmers of software and apps, and e-commerce and social network specialists. The most in-demand skills will be those in artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, information security, robotics, and blockchain engineering. So, headhunting in Spain will be easy and successful if you are looking for specialists in these technologies.

Headhunting Spain is also significant if you are looking for game developers.  The gaming industry in Spain is growing steadily. According to the Spanish Video Game Association (AEVI), the gaming industry in Spain made 1,795 million euros (1.924 million USD) in revenue in 2023, an increase of 2.8% from the previous year. The AEVI also says that 18.1 million people in Spain spend more than eight hours a week playing games.

In Spain, this sector currently employs 8700 individuals. The government approved the Spanish Video Game Association to support the gaming industry’s continued expansion. 


Advantages of Headhunting in Spain

  • Saves Your Time and Money

You will receive fewer applications from IT headhunters, but they will be much more relevant and quickly processed. You also save money by using headhunting instead of advertising offers. Headhunting Spain has its costs, of course, but it can be less expensive than traditional tech recruiting.

  • Perfect Skill Fit 

Headhunting aims to find a candidate who perfectly fits the position and your company’s culture. Spanish software developers value solid corporate culture and are known as reliable specialists.

  • Easier to Find Narrow-Profiled Employees

When hiring a professional with specific skills, headhunting in Spain is the best way to engage. Headhunters possess the tools required to carry out this kind of search effectively.

  • Attract Passive Candidates 

One of the main advantages of headhunting is bringing in passive candidates who would only occasionally see your job ad. As a result, you’ll have a wider talent pool and the potential to attract candidates of higher quality.

  • Improve Efficiency 

By taking over the responsibility of locating talent, approaching talent, and utilizing their skills and experience to identify the most suitable candidates for the vacancy, headhunters can increase the efficiency of your remote recruitment process


Salaries of Tech Specialists in Spain 

Before considering headhunting in Spain, let’s take a closer look at tech specialists’ average annual salaries:

Specialists Average Salary
Software Developers $31,000-$46,000
Game Developers $32,000-$48,500
Mobile App Developers $31,000-$59,000
Front-End Developers $29,000-$40,000
Back-End Developers $32,000-$45,000
QA Engineers $47,000-$60,000
Tech Support $20,00-$35,000
Sales Managers $25,000-$43,000
Marketing Specialists  $25,000-$45,000


How Much Headhunting in Spain Costs?

If you are interested in headhunting in Spain, the country offers numerous services by specialized companies. The company’s rates are based on the size of the company, its location in Spain, its experience, and several benefits. If we look at average numbers, according to Clutch, it costs a minimum of $27 per hour. More common prices vary from $50 to $100 per hour for headhunters in Spain.


Top Headhunting Spain Companies 

  • HR Bit 

Headhunting in Spain will be easy and successful when cooperating with HR Bit. Using our long-term experience, we unite your company with the best tech specialists. Knowing how the Spanish market works and its corporate culture, communication with new candidates will be productive and fast. 

  • Adecco Spain 

Adecco is a renowned recruitment firm on a global scale that is well-known for providing opportunities to individuals with a wide range of educational and training backgrounds. They have locations worldwide. They offer positions in a wide range of fields. Insurance, finance, and banking are all included.

  • Antal Madrid

This is one of the largest headhunting firms in Spain and the world, established in 1993. Antal collaborates with individuals and businesses on five continents. They are looking for workers who can fill a variety of positions in Spain as well as other locations, such as numerous regions of Europe and the United States.

  • Talent-R

Talent-R is a recruitment firm based in Barcelona, Spain. This company focuses on matching people with particular skills with businesses that need those skills. For their employees and customers, they offer a variety of specialties. This includes managers who are looking for a new career path.

  • Blue Selection

Makes headhunting in Spain more popular due to its professionalism and passion for seeking new talent. They focus on building meaningful connections between international job seekers and hiring companies via quality recruitment solutions in Europe.

  • GPS Spain

GPS has been placing Spanish engineers in companies outside of Spain for more than five years as an on-site partner in Barcelona. Their technical talent is highly qualified, at least bilingual (English and Spanish), and most importantly, they have a strong desire to show the world their potential.

  • Boyden Agency

One of the world’s best firms for talent advisory and leadership solutions is Boyden. We provide executive search, interim management, and leadership consulting services to globally focused, growing, and emerging businesses. They are committed to working with their clients to find reasonable leadership solutions that help them achieve their business goals.

  • Approach People

The agency has grown into the European partner of numerous global leaders since 2000. They are excellent at finding qualified people, from recent graduates to your C-level executives in any field. Europe-wide, their international, specialized headhunters provide a global perspective and local expertise.

  • Networkers

Networkers is a leading global recruitment firm that provides bespoke recruitment solutions to some of the world’s most prominent businesses. Our experienced teams employ IT and technology specialists in more than 130 nations through our international offices, specializing in AI & Robotics, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and IT infrastructure.

  • Frank Group

Frank Recruitment Group supplies vendor channel partners, SMEs, and large corporations worldwide with the best niche IT professionals. They have established leading positions in their markets through the efforts of over 1,700 industry employees who have reshaped the headhunting Spain landscape. 

  • GT Linkers

GT Linkers is an independent boutique established in 2014 to bring new energy and innovation to headhunting and Executive Search services. It provides clients and candidates with an agile and adaptable service based on our clients’ quality and satisfaction (100% recurrence in C-level searches after reviewing our results, added value, and ad-hoc solutions).


To Sum Up

Headhunting in Spain is booming significantly due to its significant number of IT specialists, robust tech ecosystem, and developed industry. More and more headhunting agencies keep appearing to provide international companies with the most extraordinary expertise. 

Headhunting Spain will bring your company the best experience and the best workers when you cooperate with HR Bit. We understand your needs, so finding a suitable specialist is easy and successful.