What did you hear about zodiac sign blockchain? Prospect and unstable. Successful and unpredictable. Fast and confident. This zodiac sign has attracted much interest for the past few years. 

Since its appearance, blockchain has become popular worldwide. It goes up and down but remains in top positions among technologies and trends.

  • So what is going to happen to the blockchain in 2023?
  • And what to expect from blockchain engineers?

Let’s find out in HR Bit IT horoscope!


Zodiac Sign – Blockchain: Predictions for 2023

According to Coinbase’s report, the FTX crisis has made investors lose confidence in crypto platforms and created a liquidity crisis within the crypto market that could easily extend until the end of 2023.

Besides lack of confidence among investors and liquidity crisis, the crypto market is also witnessing very high volatility levels considering the amounts of withdrawals detected across crypto platforms due to fear.

Furthermore, Bitcoin started to lose steam in January 2022, and no reliable and credible analysis indicates it will reach $30,000 in 2023. So, at the start of 2023, we predict some difficulties for the zodiac sign blockchain; hence blockchain engineers cannot expect salaries to increase.


Zodiac Sign – Blockchain: What will happen in 2023?

However, blockchain considers a vital and adjustable zodiac sign. New coins are coming up, and the older ones are improving on their fundamentals to meet the ever-evolving needs of the market. It means going into 2023, investors could be up for impressive gains.  

The start of the year promises to be quite unstable for this zodiac sign.

We generally expect the accumulation part of this process to begin in 2023, though some believe it could be delayed until 2024. The decentralized focus of blockchain could be a better solution at the moment. Technology has a way to go in 2023 and the future. 

Among the disadvantages of centralized information, bases are unsatisfactory performance and the need for large amounts of memory to work effectively. The information in the network cannot be changed, which is considered a plus but in some cases, can be a disadvantage, causing difficulties in data processing. Blockchain in trade is gradually being implemented, and the main difficulties are related to different countries’ legal regulations. Since the information is stored in a decentralized database and the processing is carried out in different places, the most extensive legal problem is the regulation and taxation of cryptocurrencies.

The end of the year will be more pleasant for Blockchain zodiac sign.

The sun will always come out after the rain. According to Analytics Insight, market analysts predict that Bitcoin could hit $100,000 by the end of 2023, increasing the demand for blockchain engineers and their payments significantly. Thanks to blockchain’s ability to be used in almost any field, the trend will continue for years. Finance, payment systems, and retail are actively using the technology. Today, blockchain can be compared to the Internet’s emergence and initial expectations. Technology is in its infancy, and there can be many ideas about the future development and trends of the technology and the products that will be available.

Here, you can see the average yearly income of blockchain engineers in different countries:

  • USA

The USA is one of the highest-paying countries for blockchain engineers. The average wages start from $120,000 for entry-level engineers and can go up $170,000.

  • UK

In the UK, blockchain developers’ yearly income ranges from $70,000 to 100,000 based on experience. 

  • Germany

If you are a blockchain engineer working in Germany, your wage can start from $43,000. For more experienced professionals, the average salary can go more than $58,000 and can increase to $65,000

  • Poland

An entry-level blockchain engineer earns $39,000 yearly, while a middle-level developer – $48,500. Senior blockchain engineers make $57,000.

  • Ukraine

Blockchain engineers in Ukraine make around $29,000 on average. Junior-level developers usually start from $24,000. More experienced engineers can earn more than $34,000.

  • Kazakhstan

This country offers $20,000 for entry-level blockchain engineers. Middle-level blockchain developers can earn around $25,000; for seniors, this number can increase to $31,000.

  • India

In India, Blockchain engineers make $8,000 on average. Overall, rates range from $5,000 to $10,000 per year.

  • Philippines

This country offers $7,500 as a minimum yearly wage for blockchain engineers. More experienced professionals make from $9,000 to $13,000.

  • Australia

One of the highest paying countries offers blockchain developers $112,000 for junior level. If you have a few years of experience, you can make $125,000 on average.


To Sum Up

Blockchain is one of the most controversial and unpredictable zodiac signs. So, predicting its fate is a challenge even for experienced experts. Nevertheless, today is a perfect time to hire blockchain engineers as they have the most attractive rates at the end of 2022 and till the beginning of 2023.

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