The global IT industry has witnessed massive growth over the past couple of decades. And, this massive growth is not expected to slow down any time soon. Consequently, the demand for IT engineers and other professionals in the industry is huge and growing by the day.

Due to the growing demand for IT professionals, it’s increasingly becoming hard for tech companies to find talents. Apart from the shortage of talented IT professionals, tech companies are also facing numerous other IT recruitment challenges in 2023 when it comes to finding skilled tech staff.

In this article, we will walk you through the top five recruitment challenges in IT industry in 2023. We will also share some tips on how to overcome these challenges in IT recruitment. With that said, let’s jump straight in.


IT Recruitment Challenge №1: Tech Talent Shortage

According to a recent survey, the unemployment rate for IT professionals and tech occupations is a mere 1.3%. And, this is the lowest level since 2019. Over the same period, the number of job postings in the industry has more than doubled.

As you can see, the labor market for IT professionals is extremely tight while the competition for top talent in this field is extremely high. Simply put, the demand for labor is higher than the supply.

Due to these recruitment challenges in IT industry, most companies are being forced to work without the IT professionals needed to achieve and unlock key strategic objectives. In light of this, most companies are being forced to re-skill and up-skill their current staff, so that they can keep up with changing technologies.

Other companies have been forced to change their hiring models. Since finding permanent hires for these positions is becoming a challenge, some companies have been forced to hire contract or freelance workers to fill these gaps.


IT Recruitment Challenge №2: Attracting Skilled Candidates

Another IT recruitment challenge that companies are facing is attracting good and qualified candidates. According to a study published by LinkedIn, the best candidates in the industry are on the market for a maximum of 10 days.

And in most situations, companies are directly approaching the best candidates in the industry. So, at any one time, these candidates are likely weighing up several opportunities.

This is to mean that the recruitment dynamics in this field have changed. Recruitment teams now have to go the extra mile and grab the attention of potential candidates, instead of the other way around.

In light of this, companies looking for talent in this field need to build strong brands and sourcing strategy, so that they can attract the best candidates. They also need to position themselves as the best brands to work for, to help set themselves apart from the competition. And, they can do so by:

  • Improving and maintaining a positive brand image
  • Offering a flexible work schedule
  • Offering competitive salary packages
  • Getting testimonials and reviews from current and past employees


IT Recruitment Challenge №3: Skill Gaps

Recruiters in the IT industry in 2023 are also facing a skills gap challenge. According to recruiters, there are simply not enough talented candidates on the market to fill the jobs currently available.

And, this is proving to be quite a challenge for tech recruitment team, who have to spend hundreds of hours screening through irrelevant applications or conducting hundreds of interviews, without any success.

To avoid these challenges in IT recruitment, recruiters are advised to ensure that their job descriptions are concise and clear. By doing so, these vacancies will only attract relevant applications, thus saving them time and money on the recruitment process.


IT Recruitment Challenge №4: Identifying the Right Fit for Your Organization

Some HR professionals are still using traditional methods when it comes to reviewing resumes. And, the entire process can be extremely time-consuming, especially if you have to evaluate hundreds or thousands of CVs and resumes. Also, you may end up overlooking a qualified candidate, since the traditional method is prone to human errors.

To prevent these and other similar IT recruitment challenges, recruiters should instead utilize advanced or modern recruitment technology. Besides saving them time and cutting down on human errors, such technology can also allow recruiters to focus on key factors like a candidate’s skills instead of education. And by doing so, they will end up shortlisting the best candidates for the position.


IT Recruitment Challenge №5: Lengthy Hiring Process

When it comes to hiring an employee, most companies will take the candidates through several interview stages. This lengthy interview process is designed to ensure that only the best candidate is hired for the position.

The problem is that some skilled and talented candidates may end up giving up along the way. And considering how tight the labor market is in the IT industry, companies need to simplify the hiring process and make it as short as possible.


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