Everyone knows Poland as a beautiful country with a great history and famous destination for traveling. But did you know that Poland is one of the fast-growing tech hubs in Europe? The Polish IT market is expanding at a steady rate of between 5%-10% per year. Impressive isn’t it? On top of it Poland is placed 14th among the top 20 digital nations. Krakow city has become one of the top twenty super cities in terms of digital innovation. And the cherry on the cake will be a great mentality, strong workforce and great amount of tech and non-tech specialists. 


IT Recruitment in Poland Compared to Other Countries

To realize how much profit you can get from IT recruitment Poland, let’s have a look at the real numbers of specialists, rates, and salaries of top recruitment countries. We analyzed the benefits and challenges of each country, so it will be clear for you to see which one “matches” with your needs. 

IT Recruitment in Poland

As we mentioned, the Polish digital world is growing with the speed of a wink and bringing to the industry more and more outstanding and experienced professionals. Overall, there are around 250,000 people involved in the IT industry which is an impressive number. Now, let’s take a look at the advantages of technical recruitment there. 

Benefits of IT Recruitment in Poland

  • Specialists For All Tastes 

Even if you require a narrowly specialized specialist with specific knowledge in a particular branch of IT business with 10+ years of experience – you will find him in Poland. It is because Polish workers never stop working on their skills and always focus on the best result possible. 

  • Easy Integration? Poland!

Are you worrying about smooth integration while recruiting a new member? Polish people are incredibly loyal and easy-going personalities. They will easily fit your corporate culture in your in-house team or remotely. 

  •  What a Location!

Poland is situated in an extremely convenient area to travel to if you want to visit members of your team face-to-face. As far as time-zone is concerned, there is not much difference between Poland and other European cities. With the USA it’s only a 6 hours time difference.

Challenges of IT Recruitment in Poland

  • Harder to Recruit

Poland faces several systemic challenges, which include addressing some of the remaining deficiencies in its business environment, rigid labor code, commercial court system, government red tape, and burdensome tax system, especially for entrepreneurs. 

Rates and Salaries of Tech Specialists in Poland 

Salaries for tech and non-tech specialists in Poland range from different factors such as specialization, level of experience and skills, knowledge of foreign languages and such. On average, experts working in the IT field can earn from $1,000 – 1,500 to start with and the price can go up to $3,000 -$4,000 per month. 


IT Recruitment in Ukraine

Ukraine is a great fast-growing tech hub with more than 285,000 IT specialists. The IT ecosystem there has been developed significantly for the past few years and it keeps growing no matter what.

Benefits of IT Recruitment in Ukraine

  • Easy Recruiting 

If you take a closer look at Ukrainian IT market you will be pleasantly surprised by a huge selection of any experts you need. The recruitment process in Ukraine is extra smooth as well. Country has pretty low taxes and no hidden fees when you would like to hire one expert or the whole team.

  • Demand Full Experts 

Ukraine is a well-known country because of the high professionalism of its experts.

Any position in your company can be filled by Ukrainian IT experts. It is crucial to mention that the most popular technologies in Ukraine among coders are Java, JavaScript and Python. Those technologies are in the highest demand among tech companies worldwide. 

  • Low Tax Policy 

In Ukraine monthly income tax is only 5% percent. That is one of the lowest numbers among all countries in Eastern and Central Europe. Low income tax gives companies a great benefit of being efficient with their budget. 

Challenges of IT Recruitment in Ukraine

  • Relocation Issues 

Unfortunately, with the current situation in Ukraine it is impossible for men to leave the country because of martial law. So if you plan to relocate your employees at some point, you won’t be able to do it in Ukraine.

Rates and Salaries of Tech Specialists in Ukraine

Compared to other countries Ukrainian specialists have slightly lower rates and salaries. For example the entry-level specialist in Ukraine can earn from $800-$1,100 monthly if we talk about tech specialization. Non-tech experts earn a bit less than that. More experienced workers earn around $1,500-$2,500 and salary can go up to $3,000-$3,500 monthly.


IT Recruitment in Romania

Romania is a country with great IT perspectives. Romania’s IT sector is one of the top-3 in Central and Eastern Europe. Country is actively developing their digital ecosystem by providing high-quality tech education and focusing on Western market. 

Benefits of IT Recruitment in Romania

  • Affordable rates 

Romania has one of the lowest monthly incomes compared to other countries of Eastern Europe. In comparison to the USA and the UK, Romanian coders earn from 4 to 6 times less per year, so Romania is one of the most affordable locations in terms of IT services in the world.

  • Good English Knowledges 

According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Romania ranks 15th among the countries in the knowledge of English. In Europe, the country is in 13th place out of 35 countries. Each year more and more Romanians improve their English, so communication with local developers is becoming easier. 

  • Competitive Education

Did you know that Romania  provides access to the top European tech universities for its students. What is more, the country has at least 27 universities that prepare engineering, programming, cybersecurity, and other IT specialists.

Challenges of IT Recruitment in Romania

  • Lack of Specialists

Romania doesn’t have that many people working in IT, it is around 187,781 specialists which is not a huge number compared to other countries. This fact shortens your chances to find the experts you need. 

Rates and Salaries of Tech Specialists in Romania

As we mentioned before, Romania is a country with low income tax and affordable rates among tech and non-tech specialists. Monthly salary can start from $700-$1,000 based on specializations and can reach $2,000-$3,000 for high-experienced workers. 


IT Recruitment in the UK

The UK is gaining a lot of popularity lately for being one of the best outsourcing destinations. Outsourcing in the UK has gained an immense significance in the past few years owing to the benefits delivered by it.

Benefits of IT Recruitment in the UK

  • Huge Amount of Experts

As known, the UK has an impressive number of IT specialists – over 940,000 experts. Clearly, there you can definitely find specialists of all tastes. Not to mention, this country is one of the most developed as far as the IT sector is concerned. 

  • English is Native Language 

If you are concerned about any language barriers and want to be aware of language misunderstandings – you will not face this problem with workers from the UK.

  • Political Stability 

The government of the UK is strongly committed towards the technical industry’s growth in the country. There are various policies designed by government agencies that encourage startups and the established companies alike.

Challenges of IT Recruitment in the UK

  • Higher Prices

Unsurprisingly, the UK is quite expensive to live in and work in. However, despite the economic stability and high level of lifestyle, the UK has high taxes; hence recruiting people from there will be much more expensive.

Rates and Salaries of Tech Specialists in the UK

Monthly salary in the UK among tech and non-tech experts starts from $1,500-$2,500. More experienced specialists received from $3,000 to $4,500 per month of their job. 


List of IT Recruitment Agencies in Poland 

  • HR Bit

HR Bit is an IT recruitment agency that focuses on providing recruitment from all of Europe and Central Asia (Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan). We also provide services of talent mapping worldwide and recruitment consulting. 

  • ITFS

IT recruitment agency in Poland, ensures the fulfillment of your business assumptions by perfectly matching IT specialists to the specifics of your company. They offer a full range of IT experts such as developers, coders, testers and engineers of all possible technologies.

  • HR Contact

Company is introducing you to the top talents within the FinTech, digital/e-commerce, IT, and engineering sectors globally. They handle the entire recruitment process strategically from assessing and identifying your needs to hiring the right talent.


It is a joint-stock company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange specialized in IT consulting and software development. Since 2013, they have been creating innovative technological solutions in the med-tech industry. 

  • Devore

For more than 30 years, the company has represented leading global employers by successfully carrying out comprehensive recruitment, outsourcing and consulting projects in Poland and CEE. 

  • INITIATIVE IT Recruitment 

It is an IT recruitment agency and staffing company based in Poland. We specialize in finding software developers, DevOps engineers, data scientists and other impossible to find IT professionals.


It is an IT and multilingual recruitment agency dealing with selection of best talent, outsourcing IT projects and building remote teams.They provide customized solutions according to your specific needs.


Company is specializing in fast and accurate IT recruitment services. Their team is located in Poland and Ukraine. We help our global clients hire the best software developers, and technical engineers, as well as middle and top managers in the IT field.

  • MagicHire

Company has tech recruiters who can find the best software engineers for your company worldwide. They help you find, assess and select candidates for mid-level and senior tech roles. They have hired over 350 tech talents including tech leads, and senior-level specialists for global tech companies.

  • HR GO Recruitment

HR GO employs over 300 people across the UK, Poland, and Australia. The company operates more than 30 offices internationally. They offer multiple recruitment services for their clients including headhunting, talent mapping, consulting, etc.

  • Talentica Agency 

We provide a cost-effective staffing partnership for IT companies, uniting talent in the most in-demand expertise.Their mission is to make a team extension process so simple and organic to make IT companies and freelancers forget about stress and focus on uniting their minds.

  • Hire&Flare

Hire&Flare agency is a skilled ally in recruitment with 3+ years of experience in the international market. Their goal is to become a trusted recruiting partner for businesses, providing any services within our expertise as long as they solve our client’s needs.

  • ACE

ACE is a company that provides a variety of HR & staffing services focused on the IT industry – from head hunting through outsourcing specialists (outstaffing) to recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). They hire all kinds of IT-related professionals, including programmers, UX/UI designers, QA, business analysts, project managers, etc.

  • Talent Place

IT recruitment company that provides the whole variety of services like talent hunting, recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing – you can temporarily hire from us an experienced recruiter or a whole team to support your processes and remote talent acquisition.


Benefits of Working With IT Recruitment Agency in Poland

  • Get the Best Talent 

IT recruitment agency Poland gives you this privilege to get the most outstanding professionals that fit all your needs and goals. Polish recruitment agencies are ready to provide the best services and have a key to the door where the diligent experts hide. 

  • Save Your Time

You can easily focus on your business processes and don’t bother about recruitment hassles. It takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? Hence, if you trust professionals who know all the tips and tricks of the recruitment market you will get the best candidates as fast as possible. 

  • Industry Expertise

IT recruitment agencies in Poland provide you with deep market expertise and research. The IT market of any country you need to know more about – you will get it. That will significantly simplify your choice, help you to predict your budget, and get an astonishing insight into the IT recruitment world. 

  • Watch Your Business Growth 

With a fast and smooth process of recruitment your business will grow faster than you can imagine. It is all about the right people in your team. IT recruitment agency Poland finds people who grow your business and focus on your goals.

  • Focus on Your Goals 

While your agency is looking for the right candidates you can focus on your business goals, build a new strategy, accopmplish company’s needs, etc. You dont need to spend time on analyzing and researching yourself. 


Rates of IT Recruitment Services Poland

Obviosly, every agency has its own fee per hour of their work. But, how expensive is it in Poland? Lets see, how much does it cost in Poland. Based on our research, depending on the agency’s portfolio,cases,amount of clients and range of services, most of them charge from $50 per hour to approximately $100 per hour of their job. 


How to Choose IT Recruitment Agency Poland?

Now, let’s find out how to choose the right agency among so many options. Before you decide to go with any of the IT recruitment agencies in Poland, we offer 5 questions after which you could easily make a decision. 

  • What about the Budget?

First you should sort out your budget. Calculate how much you are willing to spend on your team and agency fees. Have a look at agencies rates and time period of how quickly they can find a right candidate for your role. 

  •  What are the Company’s Values and Goals?

It is crucial for IT recruitment companies to not only provide a good service but have a strong corporate culture, values, goals and development for their own growth. You have to look in the same direction – otherwise, your business partnership is under serious risks.

  • Have you Interviewed the Company?

Ask as many questions as need be. If the recruitment agency experiences enough and is interested in cooperation – they will provide detailed information you need. Ask about their portfolios, cases, see how quickly they respond and how they answer.

  • What About Feedbacks?

Surely don’t forget to look at the review and feedback about the company you consider to choose. Feedbacks could be published at the company’s website or any other platforms. 

  • Are the Recruiters Good?

Ask the company’s recruiters about their plan and the processes of finding the right specialists. What do they pay attention to before choosing a candidate? How helpful are they? How quickly do they offer new candidates? It is probably not your cup of tea if none of these questions have a positive response. 


Final Thoughts

IT recruitment in Poland is the best way to grow your business fast, simple and cost-efficient. You can find any experts you require with an excellent level of experience. To make the recruitment process smooth and easy – call HR Bit. We are looking for the best candidates to fill any skill gaps in your country, rich market expertise, and talent mapping worldwide. You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly your company serves the best talents.

Let us provide you with success!