Technical recruitment is set to change dramatically in the next few years. New trends show that there will be a need for an increased number of IT professionals with emerging technologies and expertise in a range of areas.

As new technologies are introduced, recruitment needs to be nimble and reactive to ensure that candidates have the necessary skillsets so they can be recruited quickly, at a competitive price and without any downtime for the company. It also means that IT recruitment is no longer a one-time event and should be reviewed on a regular basis.

In our new article we share best tips for good IT recruitment.


Top 9 IT Recruiting Tips in 2023


  • Set Up the Strategy 

This should be prepared and reviewed as a team at least every 6 months, or as needed. The overall objectives should include the specific goals of IT recruitment and talent acquisition and where it fits in the overall business strategy.

Steps should also be taken to identify gaps and fill these. If there are no gaps or new areas of responsibility, then the current staffing levels will remain static which may lead to problems with recruitment and retention in future.


  • Deep Market Analysis

This involves the analysis of job roles and specifications, and in particular the levels of expertise required. In some cases, a skills gap or lack of expertise may mean that candidates with these skillsets cannot be recruited. This will mean that employers have to consider creating new jobs within their own organization by training staff who already have these skillsets, or look at a more specialist recruitment agency if candidates cannot be found locally.

Before choosing a place for recruitment, do research about how recruitment in different countries works. Learn about salaries, taxes, education, number of tech experts, English proficiency, etc. 


  • Compare Salaries 

It is one of the most important IT recruitment tips. Comparing salaries for similar developer positions could help identify if rates of pay are competitive and if there are any areas of inefficiency. To make a decision cost-efficiently it is crucial to analyze salaries in the tech market in different countries. Then, you can easily recruit tech talent with perfect price-to-quality ratio.


  • Strong Employer Branding

Employer branding can be seen as a recruitment strategy, just as important as the recruitment process itself. Employer branding aims to attract and retain the best talent and should involve members of all levels of staff, including senior management.

This should involve creating a clear message about the company’s culture, values and benefits in order to attract top talent or keep them within your company. Employer branding also aims to reduce advertising budgets for job vacancies by attracting candidates through social media channels, such as LinkedIn.


  • Show Your Company’s Values

Employee value propositions (EVPs) are structured in the same way as employer brand strategies, but they focus on the employee’s requirements, like training and professional development. Your job offer should be detailed and provide all information about position, responsibilities, requirements and preferences.

In addition, it should be competitive and about benefits for employees like paid vacations and sick days, bonuses, insurance, paid courses and business trips, etc.


  • Attract Attention

The job description is the first thing that a candidate sees when they view your vacancy, so it is important that the job description draws in candidates and entices them to apply. It should be written in plain English and avoid business jargon. It should also be no longer than one page.

The content of the job description should not only describe the role as written, but also how you can develop as an employee and what career prospects there are available to you.


  • Pick the Matchable Candidates 

Candidates who screen positively will be candidates worth interviewing, so this step should be performed as part of the job description. Candidates should be selected based on the content of their CV and the questions they answer when asked to complete a test. The questions used to conduct this test should be as similar as possible to a pre-interview screening questionnaire (PISQ), but must not have any identifying details included.


  • Structure the Interview Effectively 

Interviewing is a time-consuming process, especially with a large number of candidates. Candidates spend between 60% and 90% of their interview time answering questions.

Make sure your interview is relatively short and structured. Candidates aren’t interested in answering on hundred’s questions. You can check their hard skills with certain tests and tasks to make the process easier and faster. 


  • Give a Quick Feedback 

After the interview, give feedback about each candidate as soon as possible. Remember, the tech experts won’t wait for too long and will switch to another company. So make sure you give and answer or offer as soon as possible. 


To Sum Up 

Profitable and successful recruiting requires certain skills and knowledge. So it is better to analyze and follow IT recruiting tips and trends for 2023. Before the actual process, you have to do a deep analysis, build an attractive job offer and provide a structured interview. However, if you don’t have much experience in IT recruitment – work with professionals who know how to do it effectively. 

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