There has been a rise in the number of tech companies looking to expand into Africa in recent years. As a result, the African market and opportunities for businesses are increasing rapidly. Naturally, tech companies realize that innovative solutions to various issues can have a significant impact. Therefore, software outsourcing in Africa can bring new opportunities for expansion and growth. In this article, we talk about its perspectives. 


Why Should You Try Software Outsourcing in Africa?

Due to a robust tertiary education system, approximately 790,000 people across Africa are qualified for the tech workforce. Rwanda alone produces about 40,000 IT specialists graduates annually, which is impressive considering the country’s relatively small population of less than 14 million. It is not surprising, given that Rwanda is home to four of the best STEM universities in Africa.

Additionally, many African governments consider developing outsourcing in Africa a top priority. It has led to increased investments in the industry, including assistance from the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to encourage incentive programs for ITO development strategies and expand IT capabilities.

The continent of Africa’s infrastructure is steadily expanding, increasing its significance as a leading destination for offshore outsourcing, headhunting and tech recruiting in Africa. For example, each country in Africa is emerging with different sets of technology outsourcing:

  • Java development, SQL database management, and mobile solutions are three main areas of outsourcing in East Africa.
  • Ruby and C++ languages are popular in West Africa.
  • Companies in North Africa are well-versed in technologies such as: Python, PostgreSQL, and Linux.
  • Lastly, South Africa is a major technology player, and its citizens are well-versed in PHP, SQL, and mobile app development.

Let’s take a look at even more reasons why you should consider Africa outsourcing as a successful business opportunity: 


  • Young and Skilled Talent Pool

According to the African Development Bank, only 3 million formal jobs are created annually for the 10 million to 12 million young people in Africa who enter the workforce each year. Due to the continent’s growing youth population and worsening unemployment, international businesses seeking to outsource can tap into a pool of skilled workers. 

In addition, in the last ten years, the education system in Africa has grown a lot. In its list of 140 countries with the best education systems based on skill development, the World Economic Forum included 38 African nations. Outsourcing to Africa will bring you an opportunity with young, motivated, and diligent specialists. 


  • Multilingual Workforce

Africa recruitment will be beneficial for most European or American companies. This is because the languages of English, French, and Portuguese are widely spoken in Africa. 

Therefore, businesses considering outsourcing to Africa can benefit from employing employees who speak multiple languages. It is especially true for companies in Europe and the United States that want to outsource services like call centers and sales.


  • Technological Advancement

Telecom networks and high-speed internet are widespread in Africa. Additionally, this development has resulted in an unavoidable expansion of smartphone infrastructure. The World Economic Forum predicts that the number of unique mobile subscribers in Africa will reach 615 million by 2025, and smartphone adoption will likely exceed 64%. 

Furthermore, to pique the interest in software outsourcing in Africa, the government has created several technology parks and innovation hubs in addition to the IT infrastructure. As a result, IT recruiting in Africa becomes increasingly popular each year because of the steady progress of the tech industry. 


  • Time Proximity to European Countries 

Africa recruitment will be an excellent option for European countries. Countries in Africa and Europe have time zones that overlap or are similar to one another because they are located along similar latitudes. For instance, the time difference between South Africa and the United Kingdom (UK) is only two hours, making it insignificant.

There is also a two-hour time difference between Senegal and France. As both teams typically work simultaneously, similar time zones between companies and their outsourcing partners can result in a productive work environment and better remote team management. This speeds up response times and reduces critical communication delays.


Best Outsourcing Locations in Africa


  • Outsourcing to Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation, with over 200 million residents and a large, young, and dynamic workforce. Nigeria is an obvious choice for outsourcing your BPO or IT development requirements due to the hundreds of thousands of English-speaking university graduates joining the labor force each year. Outsourcing companies in Nigeria offer various services for foreign markets with a skilled workforce and many technologies.

The government is working hard to attract clients considering outsourcing services in Nigeria. A National Outsourcing Strategy has been developed by the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy, and industry associations like the Association of Outsourcing Practitioners of Nigeria (AOPN) can assist you in selecting the ideal partner for your business. There are many outsourcing firms in Nigeria offering multiple services in a good price to provide the best IT talent. 


  • Outsourcing to Ghana

Ghana is the most popular BPO location for outsourcing to Africa. Due to its favorable time zone, educated and English-speaking workforce, business-friendly regulatory and tax environment, government support for the industry, and robust IT infrastructure, the nation is particularly appealing to businesses seeking to outsource technology development and support.

Software outsourcing in Africa is well-known for its outsourcing companies that work with highly qualified African engineers and project managers to provide domestic and international b technology solutions.


  • Outsourcing to Kenya

Kenya is a continent-wide pioneer in BPO. Using Kenya’s educated workforce and expanding infrastructure, its numerous outsourcing companies cover various industries and provide competitively priced high-quality services. Software outsourcing in Africa is becoming more popular worldwide primarily thanks to Kenya.

Corporate staffing services are included in Kenya’s diverse BPO landscape. The organization assists clients with meeting their nearby HR needs by overseeing regulatory and functional errands like giving agreements, handling installments, exhorting on work regulations, and giving an actual workstation to re-appropriated staff.


  • Outsourcing to Cameroon

In Central Africa, the economy of Cameroon was harmed the most by COVID-19. It has been determined that the IT industry is a path for Cameroon to recover from the effects of the pandemic and transform the economy as well as a critical driver of jobs and economic growth. 

The tech ecosystem in Cameroon has a lot of potential to bring in capital and boost the economy. Healthcare delivery and mobile payments are two examples of existing services that can be strengthened and expanded through innovation and digitalization. Regarding software outsourcing in Africa, Cameroon is a relatively new and unexplored destination. Still, you will be pleasantly surprised by the motivated and skillful tech workforce. 


IT Recruiting in Africa – How HR Bit Can Help?

When we think of Africa, we might not consider other business niches like software development or the information technology industry. Africa has chosen the same economic transition for its economy because the software industry is a tool for economic development. Nearly all countries on the African continent are seeing an increase in the field of IT outsourcing in Africa.

Africa’s youth population is expected to double by 2040, making it an emerging IT outsourcing frontier. Compared to China and India, leading Western companies will prefer outsourcing in Africa. As a result, Africa will soon become a popular IT outsourcing destination. 

So, take your chance to surround yourself with professionals from the fast-growing IT destination with HR Bit. Based on your tasks and requirements, we will provide next services: remote recruiting in Africa, RaaS, RPO, talent mapping, building recruitment sourcing strategy and much more. 

We know all about the African IT market, we are also familiar with challenges of IT recruiting in Africa, latest creative recruitment strategies. Africa recruitment has many tips and tricks, so let us help you to find new specialists fast and smoothly. 


Final Thoughts

HR Bit sees Africa as a vastly untapped market with significant infrastructure, tech education, and fiscal policy advancements that will make the technology sector possible to flourish. There are numerous opportunities for smaller technology companies to utilize the value provided by outsourcing in Africa and accelerate their growth in several African nations that are among the top 15 economies growing at the fastest rate.

So if you want to take all the benefits from recruiting in Africa and find the workforce that matches your goals, requirements, and budget – HR Bit will help to accomplish all of that and more. 

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