It might be hard to recruit software developers of a high level because of a tight labor market, a skills shortage, and rising employee expectations. According to over a third of companies, it is not easy to fill job vacancies.

Even though experienced, skilled, and effective specialists exist, it takes some work to recruit software engineers. That is why many businesses use services provided by recruitment agencies. Regardless of whether you decide to find professionals yourself or turn to this kind of company, you need to know what the process is like.

Here, you are going to learn how to recruit software engineers and all the important information related to this procedure.


How to Recruit Software Engineers: Step-By-Step Guide

Recruiting software engineers can become easier if you manage to establish a few fundamentals before you start looking for professionals.

  1.    Decide whether you need a contractor or an in-house developer. The thing is that the process is completely different for contractor and in-house roles. If you know which one is required, you will successfully shape your hiring strategy.
  2.    Specify your developer needs. This one does not just imply the job title. While recruiting software engineers, you should consider what projects there are, specific job vacancies, and the existing developer team.
  3.   You need to write a compelling job description. The thing is that you need to let candidates know more than just the basic requirements and expectations. The job description is the first introduction of applicants to your company, which means that it is critical to make a good impression. To recruit software engineers, you should highlight positive company culture, opportunities for professional growth, and competitive pay. If you allow a recruitment agency to find experts for you, they will write job descriptions for you because it is a part of their service.
  4.    Look for candidates via efficient channels. The best way to recruit software engineers is to use personal connections, tech websites, or social media, such as LinkedIn. Recruitment agencies, like HR Bit, are another great solution because we will do all the work for you.
  5.    Interview stages. If you use a recruitment agency’s services, we will screen potential candidates and hold a first round of interviews. At the same time, the final interview is always up to you. Consequently, when you recruit software engineers, you should decide who will attend the interview and what questions you will ask in advance.
  6.    It is critical to conduct technical competency tests. Talking about technical experience is just a part of a skill assessment because concrete evidence is also required. There are a few ways to check a candidate’s technical experience, including pair programming, technical tasks or tests, and asking professionals to introduce open-source projects they have worked on.
  7.   Pick the right expert. When writing a job description, you should already have an idea of your ideal professional. When recruiting software engineers, you will be screening and interviewing them. That is why the image might become blurry. To avoid this, you should not forget about the required technical skills, soft skills, and experience.


Hiring Yourself vs Using a Recruitment Agency

As mentioned before, you can choose to recruit software engineers yourself, or you can use an agency. But which option is better?

To answer this question, you should look at both advantages and disadvantages of looking for professionals yourself.


  •       You are in control of the whole process while recruiting software engineers.
  •       You can review all candidates, deciding if an expert fits your culture.
  •       You are free to decide when and where the position is advertised.
  •       You have to pay no recruitment agency fees.


  •       Recruiting software engineers can be costly, and the process can take you and your team from their main roles.
  •       Hiring the right person can take more time because looking through loads of CVs is always time-consuming.
  •       You can access a limited pool of professionals, which means that it will be extremely difficult to recruit software developers.

As you can see, the first option may not be suitable for you because the cons are significant. That is why the better option could be to use a recruitment agency. Still, you need to find out both advantages and disadvantages.


  •       Recruitment agencies have access to more potential candidates. The thing is that companies, such as HR Bit, spend their days contacting hundreds of new professionals via job-hunting websites and social media. This way, we not only know how to recruit software engineers but also build new relationships. It means that as soon as a great candidate is open to a better offer, a recruitment consultant is the first person to know. Also, recruitment agencies always cover remote recruiting worldwide.
  •       In-house HR teams have to deal with a variety of issues every day. At the same time, recruitment agencies only focus on getting the best candidates with a decent set of skills.
  •       You can get a few consultants who will recruit software developers for you. This should make the process faster and more efficient.
  •       In most cases, you will only pay money when you get the right candidate. At the same time, the recruitment agency takes care of all costs connected with sourcing potential candidates for you to check.


  •       You have to invest time in building a relationship with a recruitment agency to make sure that they understand what kind of professional is required.
  •       You pay a fee for the delivered service, and the cost can vary from one agency to another.

It is for you to decide whether you decide to recruit software engineers yourself or use a recruitment agency. Even though both options come with pros and cons, the second one can make the process easier. You will pay a fee, but you will not have to spend hours trying to find the right professional. Agencies, such as HR Bit, know how to recruit software developers, which means that they will provide you with an ideal candidate quickly. Thanks to this, you can focus on other important tasks.


How to Recruit Software Developers: Outbound and Inbound Strategies

Outbound recruiting happens to be a proactive acquisition strategy where professionals actively find, engage, and attract candidates for certain roles. For this purpose, recruiters utilize a variety of methods, including sending personalized emails, direct sourcing, attending job fairs, or leveraging platforms.

This strategy can be beneficial when recruiting software engineers for hard-to-fill positions because agencies can target people with certain experience or skills. At the same time, the approach can be more time and resource-intensive as it implies actively sourcing and reaching out to professionals, often one at a time.

Best practices for outbound strategy are:

  1.     Build a strong talent pipeline. You should constantly look for candidates and build relationships with them, even if their services are not required at the moment. Thanks to this, you can have a pool of qualified candidates to hire when you have a position.
  2.     Personalize outreach. When contacting candidates, you should personalize your messages to show them that you have taken some time to research their experience and skills. This way, you can increase response rates when recruiting software engineers.
  3.     Utilize targeted job boards. In an outbound strategy, niche job boards can be a valuable resource. They can help you access candidates specifically interested in your type of role or industry.
  4.     Leverage social media and networking platforms. These are excellent resources to recruit software engineers and learn more about their skills and experience. You should never underestimate the power of social media platforms.
  5.     Attend industry events. Networking events, job fairs, and industry conferences are great opportunities to meet professionals face-to-face, find out more about their interests and skills, and create ongoing relationships.
  6.     Use recruitment software. Thanks to this one, you can streamline and automate parts of the process, which should make it easier for you to manage candidate information, engage professionals, and schedule interviews to recruit software engineers successfully.
  7.     Consider passive candidates. You should never limit your outreach to active individuals because passive candidates can turn out to be a valuable source of talent.
  8.     You should measure and adjust. It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of your outbound strategy with the help of main metrics, such as time-to-fill, response rate, and cost-per-hire.

Now, it is time to find out what an inbound recruitment strategy is. This one is focused on creating an appealing employer brand and attractive job postings to get more potential candidates.

This one can be the best way to recruit software engineers because it leverages different channels, like social media platforms, company websites, and job boards, to engage candidates and encourage them to apply. Thus, the main idea is to build a magnetic pool that brings potential candidates to your business.

The best practices of inbound strategy are:

  1.     Create a strong employee value position. This is a unique set of opportunities and benefits people receive from working for your business. Even if you do not know how to recruit software engineers, this approach will still attract the right professionals.
  2.     Leverage social media. This is a powerful tool when it comes to the promotion of your brand. You should post about your company culture, job postings, and employee testimonials regularly.
  3.     You should optimize your career site. The site tends to be the first interaction for job seekers with your brand. That is why you should make sure that it is searchable, user-friendly, and introduces your company effectively.
  4.     Create good job descriptions. If you recruit remote software developers, you will see that job descriptions are not just a list of responsibilities. They are advertisements for your business, meaning they should be detailed and engaging.
  5.     Establish a strong referral program. Employees can be the best source of new talent because they realize the skills required for every role and know the company culture. A robust referral program can help you attract ideal candidates.
  6.     Partner with a reliable recruitment agency. These companies understand how to recruit software developers properly because they specialize in creating and promoting brands to get top talent. Partnering with an agency like HR Bit can help you create a solid inbound strategy.


Challenges in Recruiting Software Engineers

A software developer is a tech professional who codes an application or software. This occupation is relatively new, but by the latter part of the 20th century, it became a well-paid job. These days, no business can do without programmers because they are involved in a variety of spheres, including finance, medicine, education, agriculture, etc. That is why these professionals are in high demand.

At the same time, when you recruit remote software developers, you might face the following challenges:

  •       Scarcity of professionals with the required tech stack. The first issue you might face while looking for candidates is the limited number of specialists with the required skills. This challenge is especially typical for tech companies that work with rare technologies.
  •       The salary question. This one is often discussed during the first stages of a recruitment process. The thing is that delaying this conversation increases the chances that a professional will go for a different offer. Therefore, it is critical to offer competitive wages and be transparent on this topic.
  •       Strong demand for big businesses for outstanding professionals. Everyone is willing to recruit software engineers of the highest level. That is why many professionals willingly join big businesses and reject other offers. This can be explained by competitive salaries, tempting job opportunities, and numerous perks and benefits. Consequently, you should use your strong points to win the tech professionals.
  •       Time-consuming and costly recruitment process. Recruiting software engineers often requires a lot of financial and time resources. Searching and choosing potential hires can take up to a few months, so using a recruitment agency can be wise.
  •       Cultural discrepancies. Many businesses recruit remote software developers from other countries, but this solution may cause cultural discrepancies. Things that are normal for one employee can be perceived in a different way from the candidate’s standpoint. This may result in confusion and misunderstandings, so you should pay attention to this aspect.
  •       International market specifics. As soon as the question of how to get a professional abroad arises, the team stumbles over local market nuances. That is why it is critical to study legal regulations, salaries, and other critical aspects. A good solution can be using a recruitment agency because these companies know all the essential information.


Recruit Remote Software Developers Worldwide with HR Bit International Recruitment Agency

Numerous businesses all over the globe trust HR Bit to help them hire software developers.

Here are a few things that help us stand out from the crowd:

  •       Expertise. With years in IT recruitment, we understand this field inside out.
  •       Adaptability. The job market never stops changing, so our strategies keep changing to match.
  •       Knowledge. Our recruiters know the best way to recruit software engineers, and they do their best to stay up-to-date.
  •       Communication. Our experts will be by your side through the process, from job descriptions to the interview process.
  •       Extensive network and global recruitment. Every specialist at HR Bit is a professional with access to local networks, social contacts, and groups. We can recruit software engineers globally in any country you require. 
  •       Attention to detail. We are sure that every stage of the recruitment process is important. It means that every detail will be tailored to your company and the role you are willing to hire for.

HR Bit knows how to recruit software developers efficiently, quickly, and with powerful results. Contact us today and get the perfect candidates in a short time.