Bulgaria is a new tech hub that is definitely worth your attention. Financial attractiveness, business environment, people skills, and digital resonance make this country a great place to invest and recruit tech talent. HR Bit investigated all tips and tricks about IT recruitment Bulgaria, its benefits and weaknesses, costs, and the best agencies. 


Benefits of IT Recruitment Bulgaria

  • Great Expertise in IT 

The most demanded IT technologies you can imagine – are not a problem for Bulgarian software developers. These full-stack, back-end, and front-end Bulgarian developers are well versed in C#, Java, JavaScript, SQL, and PHP. In addition, more than 10,000 students graduate every year from tech universities which significantly increases the Bulgarian IT workforce, which means IT recruiting Bulgaria is gaining popularity.

  • English Proficiency 

Most Bulgarian software specialists use English as their working language. Moreover, most Bulgarian tech workforce cooperated with foreign companies and focused on the Western market’s work culture. So, IT recruiting in Bulgaria will be easy and smooth for you. 

  • Geographical Location

Bulgaria has a beneficial location with geographical proximity to Western and Central Europe. The country is also an EU member, influencing developers’ business attitudes and ethics. The time difference can vary from 9 to 12 hours for US companies, but it still allows business hours to overlap. 

  • Financial Attractiveness

Another tangible benefit of IT recruiting Bulgaria is attractive rates among IT professionals and affordable income tax. Income tax is only 10%, which is relatively lower than in Western countries. Moreover, the average salary of a Bulgarian developer starts from $25 000 per year (for junior developers) to $75 000 per year for seniors with great experience. 

  • Tech Workforce 

Bulgaria has a great choice of every type of tech expert you need. The country counts over 60,000 professionals employed, and the number is growing by at least 2% each year. IT recruitment Bulgaria allows you to find highly-skilled professionals to fill any skill gaps in your company. 


Challenges of IT Recruitment Bulgaria 

  • Unexplored Market

Compared to other Eastern European countries, Bulgaria is still on its way to developing. So, finding perfect-fit candidates in a specific country can be challenging if there is a lack of understanding of local market specifics. However, this disadvantage can be avoided with the professional recruitment agencies Bulgaria familiar with the Bulgarian tech market. 


Professional Recruitment Agencies Bulgaria

As we mentioned before, choosing the right recruitment agency Bulgaria is a crucial step before you decide to look for candidates. Luckily, Bulgaria has many proficient agencies with great experience and successful cases. 

The agency provides IT recruiting Bulgaria and worldwide. They use deep knowledge of the tech recruitment industry, creative recruitment strategies, and great expertise. They also provide a talent mapping service if you want to know more about the Bulgarian tech market.  

  • Remote IT World

The agency helps companies to find and hire top tech talent in Bulgaria and other countries. They work with solid expertise, flawless ethics, and deep knowledge in the labor market for today’s most dynamic industries.

  • Human Power

More than five years of working in recruitment allow the agency to provide their clients with the best experience in recruitment Bulgaria. They connect the best employers and the most talented human resources and give them opportunities for growth and meaningful career and business development.

  • JobTiger Ltd 

JobTiger launched the first professional web-based job board in Bulgaria and currently operates with more than 32 200 Bulgarian and international clients. With over 20 years of experience in IT recruiting Bulgaria know-how, the agency is a well-known provider in the Bulgarian market, delivering high-quality HR and recruitment services.

  • InfoSource Bulgaria Ltd 

For more than 15 years, the company has focused on providing data processing, information management, recruitment, and back-office support. In addition, they have developed expertise in transferring clients’ business processes to our local dedicated teams.

  • Recruiting Agency Balkaninvest

Balkaninvest is a Sofia-based recruitment agency Bulgaria. Since 2009 they have supported companies in the most competitive branches to find employees for management and specialist positions that make a difference.

  • Bulcon Group

Bulcon Group is a recruitment agency specializing in finding and placing skilled professionals and senior management within different industries across Bulgaria. Their activities focus on providing quality services, building relationships, and helping progressive companies and the most vital professionals on the market. 

  • Hiring Ltd

It is a recruiting company that provides recruiting services all over Bulgaria. They combine industry best practices with new and imaginative ways of connecting job seekers, companies, and recruiters.

  • Horizons Bulgaria

Horizons is a leading IT recruiting Bulgaria company with more than 15 years of experience specializing in the management of experts and middle management. Its team comprises consultants oriented to industrial specialization and professional knowledge of business trends. 

  • RND Talents

RND Talents bridges the gap between recruitment agencies, training companies, and engineering teams through an integrated Hire-Train-Accelerate approach. They help clients design, set up, and improve the digital function and sections they need to win in the marketplace.  

  • Tempo East

TempoEast was established in 2013 to focus on international employment services to EU countries. We are committed to providing our European partners with a cost-efficient, qualified and reliable workforce from Bulgaria and other countries in the CIS region.

  • Talantix

IT recruitment company that focuses on providing high-quality recruitment services for companies from all over the world. They find and recruit the best tech talent from Bulgaria and other countries. 

  • Evropa Konsult

Recruitment agency based in Plovdiv that provides multiple recruitment services, talent mapping, hiring, and helping with onboarding processes for foreign companies. 


Benefits of Working With IT Recruitment Agency in Bulgaria

  • Gives You Flexibility 

When cooperating with professional recruitment agencies Bulgaria, you don’t need to worry about searching for suitable candidates, which takes time. Your agency will do it for you. Just provide them with your preferences about future employees. 

  • Saves Your Time 

Searching for the right specialists is challenging, especially when unfamiliar with the local market. Recruiting agencies will help you to find the experts you need quicker due to your long experience and market knowledge.

  • Scales Your Team 

Whenever you need to scale your team with new talents, it is easy to do with the help of a recruitment company. Provide your vendor with a new task, and enjoy working with professionals in your team. 

  • You Get a Great Team 

Because of the great experience in recruiting, service providers find the best of the best. They look for candidates that match your preferences. They focus on your project and do a fantastic job. Overall, you have a team that fits your requirements and has the right experience and skills. 


Rates of IT Recruitment Services in Bulgaria 

According to Clutch, the rates of IT recruitment agencies in Bulgaria change depending on a few factors: the agency’s experience, cases, location, the number of recruiters, variety of services, etc. On average, IT recruiting Bulgaria prices start from $49 to $99 per hour of service and can go up to $149 per hour of their job. 


How to Choose IT Recruitment Agency Bulgaria?

  • Look at the Experience 

If you want to pick the best agency, they should have a lot of experience in the industry and many successful cases. Also, if the company has a good review from clients – that’s a good sign. 

  • Look at Agency’s Rates 

Make sure the agency’s rate is fit to your budget. However, good agencies are pretty flexible, so even if their prices are a bit out of your budget, they will offer you some alternatives. 

  • Book a Consultation 

The best way to understand if a recruiting agency fits you is to talk to their employees personally. Schedule a meeting and ask as many questions as possible to know if you have a connection. Pay attention to how helpful and flexible they are. 

  • Same Values are Must

During the conversation with your potential agency, look at their values and goals. What is their mission, and how are they providing their services? If you have the same point of view and goal focus – this agency will be a great partner. 


To Sum Up

Bulgaria is a great but still unknown IT hub with an excellent workforce. Professional recruitment agencies in Bulgaria will happily provide you with deep market expertise, recruit the best workers you need, and get your team ready in no time. 

Are you looking for a vendor? HR Bit is here for you. We know every tip and trick about the Bulgarian IT market, recruitment processes, and deep talent mapping. We will provide you with a list of honest professionals that fit your needs.