The world of staffing has significantly changed over the past years, so they utilize a variety of approaches to meet the ever-evolving demands of the workforce. If you understand the different types of staffing companies and the strategies they employ, you will have a deeper insight into the modern employment landscape.

By gaining a better understanding of the concepts, you will be able to navigate the dynamic realm of staffing and make the right decisions for your business or career. But how do staffing agencies work? In this article, you will not only learn about the various types of staffing companies, but you will also understand how they work and what their responsibilities are.


What Is Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency is a company that provides human resources to different businesses and industries. It tends to collect certain information about the position requirement from the firm and does its best to fulfill the business needs of labor. So, what is staffing agency? It is a company that is additionally recognized as a looking out or recruiting firm that hires temporary or permanent employees to meet the requirements of companies.

There are a few services provided by different types of staffing companies, and they usually include:

1.     Temporary staffing 

Staffing companies help businesses get employees on a temporary basis to handle temporary increases in workload or cover for absent professionals.

2.     Temporary-to-permanent staffing 

Firms may decide to hire a temporary employee on a trial basis with the option to turn them into a permanent employee after some time if they are good enough.

3.     Direct-hire staffing 

Different types of staffing companies can also help businesses in finding permanent employees by screening, recruiting, and referring potential workers for direct hire.

4.     On-site management

These companies may also deliver on-site managers to check the temporary employees they offer to a firm.

5.     Payrolling 

Some types of staffing agencies can handle the payroll and administrative tasks for the temporary workers they deliver to a business.

6.     International staffing 

International staffing companies may also help businesses in recruiting and hiring professionals from other countries because they know all the important information connected with the process.

7.     Professional staffing 

Some types of staffing agencies specialize in providing highly professional experts, such as IT professionals, engineers, and accountants, to businesses.


How Do Staffing Agencies Work?

What is a staffing agency? It is nothing but a company that recruits new employees for the client businesses to meet their needs. You can use such an agency as a complete recruiting solution to fill the various sorts of positions, which can be temporary, permanent, or contract-based.

There are different types of staffing companies, which means that they serve almost every industry. However, they all perform the following steps that show how these agencies work:

  •   Step one – The client business contacts the staffing company. Firms that require a new workforce for their organization first need to contact the staffing company. Their task is to let them know what the requirements are, like what sort of position it is, the number of required employees, what skills are a must, qualifications, etc. According to this information, the chosen agency will put the job description and advertise it through recruitment marketing efforts on its own site, social media websites, and other job boards.
  •   Step two – Candidates apply. Candidates see the job advertised by the different types of staffing companies and access the job advertised by the agency on websites or other channels. The applicants talk to the recruiter and complete the application form if they are suitable for the position.
  •   Step three – Interview. As soon as the applications of potential employees are collected, the agency will move to the next step, which is interview screening according to the position. Most types of staffing companies introduce potential workers to the employer. It means that the employer needs to pick the most deserving and qualified candidate.
  •   Step four – Contract and pay. Most types of staffing agencies manage the end-to-end process that includes loads of information that they handle via software. These companies manage different employment taxes, including Medicare, Social Security, etc. Customer businesses need to mention the amount for temporary employees that is for hourly. After that, the staffing agency can specify the amount to the employees.


What Responsibilities Do Different Types of Staffing Companies Have?

Most types of staffing agencies provide end-to-end solutions to customer businesses. It means that they differ from retained search services. Therefore, their responsibilities also tend to be very different. Below, you can find a list of the main responsibilities of most types of staffing companies:

  •   They must understand and have deep knowledge about the needs of customer businesses.
  •   They need to analyze and determine the workforce requirement and try to meet it.
  •   They must conduct different levels of interviews and shortlist the most suitable candidates.
  •   They need to generate contacts and solve legal issues.
  •   They must have detailed knowledge about the potential hires and their background history.
  •   These types of staffing agencies must provide training to fill in gaps if required.
  •   They should continue checking the performance of temporary employees.


Why Is a Staffing Agency the Right Solution?

While the first question tends to be “how do staffing agencies work?”, the next question is usually “why should I choose to use it?”. The answer is simple – the benefits these companies deliver with their services.

So, what is staffing agency? It is a company that is able to provide the following advantages:

  1.     Every staffing agency has a lot of experience. The truth is that the staffing companies have more expertise in their work compared to the human resource department. If a business decides to do in-house recruitment, they must find a great recruiter in the first place so that other open positions are filled in the future. The entire process is time-consuming, which means that it can become a stressful procedure for the employer. At the same time, different types of staffing companies tend to have dedicated and well-trained professionals.
  2.     It is a cost-effective solution. Hiring employees with the help of an agency is much more cost-effective for the employer. The thing is that during the in-house recruitment, you have to bear loads of monetary expenditures, such as recruiting software, hiring a recruiter, etc. Moreover, these processes also only fill a few open positions. If you decide to pay a certain amount to a staffing company, the rest of the activities will be carried out by them. Consequently, the agency will take care of everything from attracting potential hires to onboarding.
  3.     Good network. Most types of staffing agencies have a better expansion of the network compared to the human resource department. Therefore, the chance of hiring the best professionals is much higher. The staffing company is able to provide a variety of employees for the position, including permanent employees, temporary hires, task-based experts, etc. Your task is just to decide what exactly is required for your business and let them know.
  4.     Assistance in other areas of the company. In addition to filling open positions for the business, staffing agencies can also contribute to helping firms in a variety of other areas. These areas can be pre-employment assessments, applicant tracking, selection, scheduling interviews, talent mapping, talent acquisition, remote recruitment, RaaS, RPO, onboarding, reporting, new hiring process, planning for the future recruit, etc.


Final Words

So, how do staffing agencies work? The answer is simple – you need to let them know what you need, and they will deliver it. These companies know everything about recruitment and onboarding, so they are an easy and effective solution. You should remember that staffing agencies tend to specialize in more than one staffing service, which means that your requirements will be met.

At the same time, you should consider that the chosen company must be reputable and have a strong portfolio, along with positive reviews. Using HR Bit international recruitment agency, you can be sure that you will receive the right candidates according to your requirements from different parts of the globe. We have worked in this field long enough to gain experience in remote and traditional IT recruitment. All you need to do is to contact us and let us know what employees and how many are required for your business.