Virtual recruiting has become extremely popular over the past years because it allows professionals to apply for a position and work from any part of the world. At the same time, HRs and recruiters have managed to perform virtual hiring so that very little money and time are lost in the process.

Virtual recruitment can be performed in a few ways, and it is worth knowing them if you are willing to learn more about the process and virtual recruitment strategies.

5 Strategies That Will Help You Learn How to Recruit Virtually

If you are impatient to figure out how to recruit virtually, you should understand what this process is about in the first place. Virtual recruiting or remote recruitment implies a procedure of sourcing and hiring a variety of professionals online, which means that there is no real-life communication between the applicants and the hiring team.

This procedure can be successfully performed with the help of a diversity of tech recruitment technology and online tools. Therefore, you should find out how recruiters can use it along with virtual recruiting strategies.

1.    Apply the Vital Technology to Hire Virtually

Before you start virtual recruiting, you must make sure that you have the software tools required for the process. Usually, they utilize video-interview and emailing tools. If you want it to become even more efficient, you should consider using other tech-friendly means to maintain a great candidate experience and simplify the process.

Here are a few important tools for external virtual recruiting:

  •   Virtual recruiting event management tool.
  •   Skill assessment tools.
  •   Recruitment chatbot.
  •   Automated parsing software.
  •   Candidate Relationship Management software.
  •   Applicant report and analysis system for feedback.
  •   Applicant tracking system.
  •   Digital signature tool.
  •   One-way video interviewing tools.
  •   Virtual onboarding and document verification systems.

2.    Do Not Forget That Strategic Online Events Are Critical for Job Advertising

According to the virtual recruiting strategies, it is important to carry out educational and informative events so that they add value to the audience. For successful virtual recruiting, you should show the highest value of the company and its culture through your current workers. The team may also tell others how the brand started and expanded over time and specify what new candidates should do to submit an application for the job.

3.    Perform Phone Interviews and Online Assessment Tests

Recruiters can learn more about the technical skills of candidates if they take assessment tests during virtual recruiting. Thanks to this, they will see the strengths and weaknesses of the potential employees, and the great news is that there is a variety of virtual recruiting tools these days.

For example, they can utilize Highmatch during virtual recruiting to evaluate the personalities of candidates, situational behavior, and cognitive aptitude. If you need an AI-based testing tool for software positions, you should consider Adaface. If you interview potential employees via voice calls, you can get an idea of their communication skills, which are an important part of virtual recruitment.

4.    Do Not Forget About Face-to-Face Video Interviews

This is one of the most important virtual recruiting strategies, and this process can be divided into two parts. The first one is a technical interview. Here, you should figure out whether the candidate has the essential skills for the position. The virtual recruitment process can be performed by either the senior executive or the team leader.

The second part is an HR round, the purpose of which is to learn more about the candidate’s ethics and in-person communication. Just like some other virtual hiring strategies, this one implies a one-way video interview so that potential employees should get their answers recorded. The answers can be later evaluated by recruiters.

Hiring teams can also utilize online facilities to make the virtual recruiting process faster, offer additional time to source the suitable employee, automate scheduled interviews, and pay attention to more important tasks.

5.    Do Not Forget About Giving Status Response and Proper Onboarding

Virtual recruiting strategies imply that each of the candidates receives feedback on the status of their application.

It is critical to enhance candidate experience, but this approach also helps to establish a strong employer brand. The next step under the virtual recruiting strategies is onboarding, that involves collecting the required documents, sending candidates welcome emails, and letting them know about the future training.


Use Virtual Recruitment As a Means to Succeed

Virtual recruiting has been there for years, but it became especially popular after Covid-19. The thing is that this means it is advantageous for both job seekers and recruiters.

According to a survey carried out by Upwork, more than 73 percent of people are going to work remotely by 2028. Obviously, they received this result because virtual recruitment strategies and the process itself have a lot of benefits.

The modern world is changing quickly, and more and more innovations are appearing, which makes time a valuable asset for every business. By using virtual recruiting strategies, hiring teams are able to save loads of time because virtual recruitment eliminates time-consuming stages, like talent mapping, checking numerous resumes to figure out which are ideal, pre-screening potential employees, and interviewing candidates to receive a perfect match.

If you know how to recruit virtually, you realize that it is an online process that removes geographical barriers. Therefore, virtual recruitment saves commuting time and money for potential employees.

Numerous job advertising platforms attract various applicants because virtual recruiting makes it possible for people to post a job on different job boards and advertising platforms. It also means that virtual recruiting will expand so that a vast talent pool will appear. This is a huge advantage for those who know how to recruit virtually.

According to virtual recruiting strategies, the experience of candidates is critical because it will have an impact on the reputation of a business. At the same time, virtual recruiting allows potential employees to easily apply for the role just by submitting their application.  Another huge benefit is that all applicants get automated responses day and night via Chatbots, which are an irreplaceable tool for virtual recruiting.

As you can see, this option has a lot of advantages, so it is high time to learn how to recruit virtually. However, if you want your virtual recruiting to be performed in a professional way, you should use the services of HR Bit recruitment agency. We have a lot of experience in this field, and offer a lot of services like virtual recruitment, talent mapping, talent acquisition, consulting, preparing sourcing strategies and much more, which means that your positive experience is guaranteed.