You can be a genius to understand why tech giants are choosing Eastern Europe to source for IT professionals. This region has an impeccable reputation for quality services. That’s why companies like Deloitte, IBM, Google, and Oracle choose specific countries for headhunting and tech recruiting. This post will give an insight into IT recruitment in Eastern Europe’s accessible workforce. 


The Best Destinations of IT Recruitment in Eastern Europe


Poland has a large pool of software developers – most of them work in IT. Each year, thousands of professionals graduate successfully. The vast talent pool is well-versed with the latest technologies and highly qualified in software development, also there are a lot of IT recruitment agencies in Poland. Because of this IT recruitment to Poland is a great idea.



The Ukrainian IT market boosts thousands of professionals and IT recruitment companies – check recruitment agencies fees in our article. This number continues to increase, considering that the country releases over 15,000 graduates yearly. As a result, governments are always ready to outsource their workforce. 


Czech Republic 

The 2020 State of European Tech Report shows that the Czech Republic has the largest pool of freelance IT professionals. It also ranks as one of the best cities for remote work. Because of its convenient time zone, most countries across the globe share the business hours.



Slovakia is one of the most popular remote recruitment locations in Eastern Europe. Among the factors that make it a good destination is high-tech infrastructure and competitive wages. According to the ABSL report, the country houses over 40,000 tech specialists. 


Core Benefits of IT Recruitment Eastern Europe 


Large Tech Talent Pool

Eastern Europe has a skilled and competent workforce that provides world-class IT solutions. Therefore, companies can benefit from various skill sets and talents. In addition, higher education is more affordable than in most regions of the world, so young talents can enter the IT workforce. 


English Language Proficiency 

English is considered the universal language in Europe. It removes the barrier to communicating effectively in the IT sector. But, of course, everyone in the IT industry should know it. 



Compared to Western Europe, the eastern region has a more accessible workforce. For example, Poland’s highest working rate is $55-$100 per hour. To put things into perspective, this is lower than most western countries offer. Therefore, IT recruitment process from Eastern Europe will optimize costs without compromising the quality of work. 


Convenient Time Zone

Eastern European Time is 2 hours ahead of the coordinated universal time. It means that the outsourced and in-house teams can schedule meetings without overtime in the office. 


Best Cultural Fit

The culture of Eastern Europe is the same as that of their western counterparts. That said, the attitude toward conflict resolution, teamwork, and management is always accessible. And because the mindset is similar to that of westerners, companies are not afraid to hire IT experts from such countries. 


Robust Data Security

Data security and privacy in Eastern Europe are almost identical to most countries. It includes maintaining non-disclosure agreements, copyright rules, and data protection regulations. 


Top IT Recruitment Agencies in Eastern Europe 

HR Bit

It is a reputable IT recruitment agency in Eastern Europe that provides exceptional talent for both local and international clients. The company uses the latest methods to search, map, and interview candidates. Even better, HR Bit focuses on providing high-quality services at pocket-friendly rates. The team will also collect information about market peculiarities, trends, and salary surveys of any country worldwide. 



If you want to confidently scale your IT team, ALCOR has you covered. The agency has a team of experienced recruiters that present the best candidates for your company. Once you communicate with the agency, you’re assigned a dedicated account manager. Then, you’re given with blind CVs to help you approve the tech and soft skills that you need in your team. 

And every week, you receive a newsletter on the interviews conducted and further recommendations on external recruitment. Alcor has a unique model of recruitment, and its services are top-notch. 



FlairHub allows you to hire IT professionals that fit your job requirements. Once you sign up, you’re allocated a dedicated account manager who is always in contact with you. The FlairHub recruitment process is straightforward – you simply type the requirements, meet the candidates, and hire the best to expand your team. 

Other than that, FlairHub searches for unique talents from every corner of the world. Their charges are also evident. For every successful placement, the agency charges 14% of the annual salary for every successful placement. This frictionless and swift strategy allows you can focus on what matters most – your business. 


ABC Human Capital

ABC Human Capital is dedicated to helping companies address the most critical resource – human capital. They carry out recruitment in different fields, including IT. Moreover, the agency works with small and large companies to create strong teams they can depend on. To ensure you get the top talents, the recruitment team conducts the process with professionalism and care. 



RED recruitment agency combines the power of AI and machine learning to ensure you get the best candidates in your team. They have an extensive network of professionals in the eastern European region to ensure you’re not suffering from a labor shortage. If you’re sourcing for talented individuals in Eastern Europe, this agency will help you achieve your business success. 


Balkaninvest. EU

This Bulgarian recruitment agency helps companies find the best IT talents. These professionals use the latest recruitment techniques and have an employer branding strategy. They will put their best foot forward to find the right candidates, especially those close to native local languages. No matter the position you want to fill, Balkaninvest. eu has a pool of talents to choose from. 


To Sum Up

IT recruitment in Eastern Europe is a better option than creating your in-house tech and development team. Apart from cost optimization, companies can access a large talent pool. If you want the top professionals, the above recruitment agencies will meet and exceed your expectations. They excel in recruiting skilled workforce from entry-level to top executives. 

HR Bit is a recruitment agency offering great types of assistance at pocket-accommodating rates. In addition, data on market peculiarities, trends, and salary surveys for every nation in the world will be gathered by our team.